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Theresa Layton

Theresa Layton
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        Theresa Layton is a Penn State graduate in Animal Business Science and has had a lifelong interest in horses and riding. She came to real estate in 2018 after serving as the general manager for General Nutrition Center for many years, and has been working with Scott Yocum as a buyer’s agent ever since. Theresa continues working with horses professionally as well as in her free time, and has served as the barn manager for CNF Quarter Horses since 2011.

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        My experience was painless. the agent kept a great firewall with the buyers agent. I would give the Yocum team a shot in the future.


        The Yocum team handled everything for me while I was living out of state – from showing the house to taking to getting all the paperwork 2 me through email or FedEx. They were extremely knowledgeable of the State College housing market and priced my house well for it to be sold. I will definitely refer friends and family to Yocum Real Estate my house had been gutted By fire so it was an unusual sale for the area. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of working with the Yocum team. What do we do for you that you found most valuable? The Yocum team sold my house while I was living out of state. We were able to complete everything by email and Federal Express.


        Theresa kept us informed every step of the way. We moved with several things still needed to prepare our house for sale. Theresa took care of everything for us. She also gave us good advice when who offers came and resulted in our getting full asking price for our house. We were thrilled. Theresa is very knowledgeable and kept our interest and our needs in mind especially since our situation was a little complicated. I will gladly refer others to Yocum. What did we do for you that you found most valuable? - Attention to detail - Prompt responses - Personal service - Going the extra mile What DIDN'T we do for you? Can't think of anything. We enjoyed working with you all – especially Theresa.

        Anna & Don

        Everything was great! Fast reply to texts was what we really liked. Theresa was very knowledgeable about the lot and neighbors. We would refer friends to Yocum!

        Vitaly & Zhanna

        Theresa was fantastic to work with. She represented me well and her experience in real estate showed. She responded quickly to my questions and gave me updates often so I knew everything that was happening. Her communication skills + confidence made me feel that I didn't need to worry. She was patient + helpful in getting my house on the market. I was most Impressed whet she fought hard to counter the offers using her many resources. We landed on a price we were comfortable with. I would definitely recommend here! What did we do for you that you found most valuable? Being friendly + honest, being tenacious in countering, being flexible by going to my specific bank. What didn't we do for you? Fail.


        I asked her a thousand questions. She never lost her temper. She is a real professional agent. She is very patient. Very nice and very professional. I had so many questions and she got the answers very quick. When people ask me about agents, Theresa has been the only agent I gave to people.


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